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BMG Taxes Associates

Logo design and corporate identity for a Financial Advisor and Business Accounting Firm. Toronto, ON.

Strong, Confident, Expert and Elegant.

BMG Tax Associates is a Tax and Financial Advisor firm located in Toronto, Canada. 

We were looking for an elegant and sophisticated look, to me the having a gold colour was important, it projects wealthiness, stability.

— Mahmood Malik MBA, CPA, CGA. 

The client required a professional and elegant look that reflects their 30-plus years of expertise and the wide range of companies and individuals benefiting from their services. Additionally, the client requested the incorporation of a golden element into the Corporate Image. Recognizing that this could be costly, I addressed it by utilizing a brown hue that created the illusion of gold. To add a touch of protection, wisdom, and peace, I also included an eagle in the brand.


The Logo Design Process:

During the logo design process, I develop various proposals based on the client’s needs and input. I refine the design iteratively until we reach the sweet spot where the client feels truly identified and says, “Yes, that’s Us.”


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